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Top Advances in Home Security Technology

smathome security In recent years, there has been significant advances to home security technology. From motion detectors in the early 1980’s to non-stop security video streaming to your smartphone, the evolution continues. The top advances over recent months continue to set the bar higher for what’s next in the home security industry.

  1. Wireless motion detecting systems. These sophisticated infrared motion detectors are a great deterrent. Once these detectors trigger the presence of an intruder, the alarm will notify your security company of a breach. And because they’re wireless and can be placed pretty much anywhere, they’re even easier to hide.

  2. Flood and freeze sensors. Water sensors alert when your home is under siege from water surge or detect when conditions are too cold. This allows you to take the needed precautions to prevent any water damage– if your safety isn’t at stake– and could protect your pets’ lives. Also if you have any elderly or immobile living in your home, the flooding and freezing sensors could also protect them as well.

  3. Heat and poison sensors. Not unlike flooding and freezing, the amount of fire-related tragedies occurring is almost as insurmountable as the number of homes not equipped to handle such an emergency. Make sure you have smoke detectors installed throughout your home and find out how a heat sensor can give you an extra measure of security. They also protect inhabitants from the invisible odorless gas, carbon monoxide.

  4. Smart Home Wiring. Wiring your home for Instant communication from any room in the house could shave off lifesaving seconds. For a senior citizen living alone or spending many hours without company, you never know when emergency services will be required.