Home Technology Solutions

Leading Edge offers many services in Home Technology to make your life easier. We know that technology is confusing and ever changing. We do our best to keep on top of technology so that we can assist you in whatever help you need, whether installing a smart thermostat, mounting an HDTV, configuring your WiFi, or setting up your sound system. We have lots of experience and are also confident to tackle any technical issue you may have.

Some of our services include:

The connected home and devices are all the rage these days. With the popularity of mobile devices, it is easier than ever to keep in touch and stay connected to the things you love most. Leading Edge has watched Home Automation evolve over the last several years and is very familiar with these features. We know what works and what doesn’t, what’s worth it and what is a waste of your time and money. We offer everything you see on tv but with our personalized and honest service we give it to you straight and don’t try to sell you things you don’t need.

Check out our Home Technology Services below and contact us for you Home Technology needs!

Smart Thermostats

smart home thermostatsLeading Edge is a certified Nest Dealer and Installer as well as an Alarm.com zwave thermostat provider. Nest and Zwave Thermostats learn your schedule and control your furnace and air to keep you comfortable and save you money. Both integrate with your security system through Alarm.com to provide another layer of intelligence to adjust your settings according to the status of your alarm system. Adjust the temp when you arm or disarm the system and respond when doors or windows are left open or closed and use geo-fencing to determine if you have left or are returning.

Smart Locks and Garage Door Control

Using Zwave and wifi technology the ability to monitor and control the entries to your home has become easy and popular. From your smartphone or web browser it is possible to raise and lower your garage door or lock or unlock your entry door from anywhere! From the built-in keypad on the locks you can also receive notifications of who is entering, disarm your alarm, and even trigger lights to turn on or adjust the thermostat.

smart LED light bulbsSmart Lights

Light control has been around many years and many different platforms have been developed to achieve it. There are many options in light control from lamp modules, lights switches, smart LED bulbs, outlets, power strips, landscape lighting and high voltage switches. The ability to set up scenes with different dim settings makes it fun and easy to set the mood. And you can save energy by automatically turning off lights that are not in use or when you leave.

Other smart controls

Ceiling fans, pool pumps, hot tub heaters, irrigation systems, energy meters, or anything that can be turned on or off with a switch can be custom integrated.

Home Networks

Home Internet & Wifi Installations Bloomington, INWifi and Internet – Leading Edge can help you securely setup your wifi network and other home networking issues or needs. We offer long range wifi boosters and bridges to expand your wifi coverage and provide network to remote buildings or areas on your property. Range can be extended out to several hundred feet and further with the right equipment. We also provide wired networks to give you a reliable network connection when needed as well as utilize new technologies to send Ethernet over existing cabling such as coax and AC power lines in your home.

Wiring – besides network cable, we run wiring for TV and phone. We do our best to conceal the wiring, terminate in a wallplate, and make the head end neat and organized. If you have existing wiring in a confusing tangled mess, Leading Edge can identify and organize it and keep it neat in a structured wiring box or rack.

Cell Phone Boosters – Leading Edge is certified to sell and install WeBoost and Z-Boost cellular boosters. These devices boost the outside cell signal inside your home to improve your cellular reception.


Leading Edge provides many services in Audio/Video including HDTV mounting, speaker wiring and mounting, sound and video system configuration, whole-house sound systems, Bluetooth and Internet Music streaming, Internet Video streaming, and Satellite Radio streaming.


Leading Edge installs and services new and existing intercom systems for door/ gate entry systems or whole home intercom systems. We also provide wifi doorbell camera/ intercoms so you can see who is at the door and communicate with them from your mobile device from anywhere.

General Technical Assistance

Leading Edge will provide assistance for any technical need big or small. We have experience troubleshooting many electronic devices and can usually figure out what needs to be done or whether a device is bad and needs to be replaced. We do not usually repair electronics but can help find someone that does.