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Signs Your Home Isn’t Secure

Even if you have taken steps to secure your home from burglars, it may not actually be as tightly locked down as you think it is. There are a few easy and simple mistakes that countless homeowners make every year, leading to break-ins that could have otherwise been prevented. Don’t make the following mistakes and you can rest easy at night knowing your home is a bit more protected.


One of the worst mistakes that people make is hiding a spare key somewhere outside the house. While it can be convenient if you ever lock yourself outside, it is one of the easiest ways for criminals to get inside of your home. If you must keep a spare key outdoors, place it somewhere that is not obvious, or even give it to a trusted neighbor to look after.


Another mistake that people often make is not preparing their home for when they leave on a trip. For instance, if you leave garbage bins out, have newspapers piling up, and no lights on in the entire home, it is a pretty clear sign you aren’t there. Have a friend or family member look after your house if possible to avoid this mistake.


Other easy mistakes including leaving the garage door open, forgetting to close and lock windows at night, and advertising when you’re going to be gone on social media. Avoid these issues and you can create a much more secure living space for yourself and your family. Of course, installing a reliable security system can further reduce the odds of someone being able to burglarize your house.

Why You Should Consider a Home Intercom System

Gone are the days of the mega expensive home intercom systems. Certainly, these systems come in many different price ranges, but the average family can install one that is quite affordable. With the added value of increased communication throughout the home, and an overall feeling of safety; home intercom systems are becoming more popular, even… Continue Reading