Doorbell Camera Installation

Isn’t technology a wonderful thing? Thanks to the advent of smart homes, individuals and families feel safer today than ever before. Leading Edge Security has helped many homeowners install great technology into their smart homes, including: Ring Doorbell Cameras, Nest Cameras and Doorbell Cams and Camera and Doorbell Systems check out the benefits of them below. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we understand the importance of social distancing and can install your Ring Doorbell Camera or NEST Camera without entering your home.

Smart Doorbell Cameras
Some of our more popular Doorbell Cameras and Security Cameras consist of Nest, Ring and Leading Edge sells and install video doorbells and products from Ring, Nest and, or if you purchase one from another retailer and need help installing it, we do that too! You can see when packages are delivered, when people are coming to visit and anything else happening in front of your home. All installations require a strong wifi signal, adding a wifi extender may be required. Doorbell Wiring is not required, but if you don’t have a doorbell chime, a Ring Chime will be required to hear the doorbell inside. The days of wondering who is at the door and debating whether you should open it is over.

In addition, you can talk to visitors from anywhere! So let’s say a friend went to stop over but you’re not home; you can have an actual conversation with him or her and plan a different date to get together. It’s a win-win!
What’s more, you can get smart updates to your phone that let you know when a familiar face is there or a package you’ve been waiting on has arrived. It takes the guesswork out of wondering who is at your door!

Ring Doorbell Cameras, Nest Cameras and Doorbell Cams and Camera and Doorbell Systems will undoubtedly make not just your property safer, but your entire neighborhood more secure. If you would like to learn more about having smart doorbell cameras installed by a certified Nest Pro in your home in the Bloomington, IN area, contact us today.