Commercial Security Systems

Leading Edge offers security to Businesses and Commercial Institutions of all types and size. Security alarms, camera systems, door access control systems, and existing system upgrades and takeovers are our specialty. Our business clients have been apartment complexes, grocery stores, auto repair shops, restaurants, bars, factories, quarries, crane services, farms, banks, daycares and schools. We specialize in custom applications for our clients. Dealing with the unique nature of a business’s needs is a challenge we enjoy.

Some examples of these situations are listed below. Click for a description.

Manufacturing – Improved Safety and Production:

At a manufacturing plant, a large scale camera system was deployed to not only provide security and a safe work environment. It allowed the engineers and management to analyze workflow and process of the manufacturing lines. Therefore, efficiency and employee relations have improved.

Farms – Convenience and Peace of Mind:

At two separate farms, livestock can now be monitored remotely via a wifi network dedicated to cameras placed in barns and around the farm buildings. The images are recorded on a DVR or NVR and transmitted to the internet for remote viewing. Not only are the farmers able to view the livestock from their houses, they can also relax when they leave the farm that the animals and operations are ok. One client was excited because now he could finally go on vacation! In some cases due to the remote nature of farms, internet speeds are too low to view live video off-site. They are able to view around the farm on computers or mobile devices wherever wifi is available but to view over the internet is impossible with satellite or other slower internet connections. In this case still images can be emailed or posted to a website to overcome these obstacles and give the farmer a peace of mind.

Auto Repair – Improved Efficiency and Security:

At a couple of auto repair shops, the owners and management feel much more comfortable knowing theirs and their customer’s property is safe. Alarm systems protect the garages when everything is locked up for the night and camera systems keep an eye out all day and all night. Accidental damages are documented, a vehicles whereabouts are easily determined, parts and materials are better accounted for and productivity of the staff is improved.

Banks and Stores – Low Cost HD Video Upgrade to Existing Systems:

At several business including two grocery stores, a restaurant and a bank, existing camera systems were upgraded to HD quality using the existing wiring and new technology which allows digital images to be transmitted over old analog wiring. Any existing system can now be upgraded for a very affordable price since existing wiring and sometimes existing cameras can be reused making it that much more cost effective. Now what used to be fuzzy barely usable images are now sharp and clear and can be zoomed and analyzed to determine identity, exact money exchanged and better determination of shoplifting.

School and Daycare – Providing a Safe and Secure Environment:

At a small private school and a daycare, video intercoms and door releases were deployed to allow the office staff to limit access to the buildings. With the recent school shooting and other threats involving children, school officials and caregivers are seeking ways to secure entrances and conveniently allow access to authorized guests. The daycare enjoys not only a traditional door intercom with a release button, but a camera that allows them to view and open the door from a mobile device, allowing the staff to leave the office and still allow convenient access to parents and guests. More recently a keypad was added to allow parents to use their individual code to gain access. The school can view doors from two buildings on one screen in the main office and allow access as needed. There are also buttons on the wall that allow the doors to be locked open during normal drop-off and pick-up hours and then relocked during secured hours.

University – Easy and Efficient Access Control:

At a large university nuclear physics department, a card reader system allows staff and students to access secure and controlled areas and labs as well as parking areas with automatic gates. With a centralized control system, cards can be added and deleted easily and managed to allow access to only the areas that user needs access to. The cost of keys and lock changes is reduced to nothing and lost cards are deleted immediately. The return on investment on such a system is proportionate to the size of the system. While there is an initial cost to deploy the hardware, most systems start with 1-2 doors and can grow from there to 36 to 36,000 doors depending on your needs. Systems utilize web browsers or cloud control so that software updates are a thing of the past.