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CCTV Security Camera Installations Bloomington, IN


Leading Edge sells, installs and services industry standard professional grade camera systems from manufacturers we know and trust. We will service any brand of system although some manufacturers have proprietary equipment that is not standard and can’t easily be replaced. We specialize in custom camera installations and set the systems up for your unique needs.

While we do offer cloud recording systems like you see on TV, we prefer traditional high definition localized solutions that don’t rely on outside internet connections and 3rd party recording solutions. Normally there is NO monthly fee with our CCTV solutions, although some specialized services require it. We believe a local recorder with plenty of recording space allows for High Resolution images and more recording time which will give you the results you expect. We have high expectations of system performance and assure the best quality image and recordings possible.

Our outdoor cameras are weatherproof and vandal resistant, providing high quality images both day and night. We prefer wedge and dome cameras due to their low profile and vandal resistant design but bullet cameras are more recognizable and lower cost but are susceptible to being hit or moved and also attract spiders. All cameras need occasional cleaning and checking to assure operation and clear images. 360 degree and panoramic IP cameras are becoming more popular. They offer super wide images only available from multiple cameras. These are available in indoor and outdoor models of different resolution. Wifi cameras are also becoming more accepted in the professional industry, but still need power wire run from a nearby and secure outlet.

outdoor WiFi cameras with DVR 6

Our best selling systems are IP camera Kits and HD-TVI Kits from Interlogix. The kits are 4 or 8 channel systems with a recorder and 4 cameras. Both are available in HD quality from 720p to 1080p.

  • IP kits are our clients favorite as they offer high resolution and a simple architecture with Power-over-Ethernet and remote configuration. This setup requires no external power supplies and the wiring is simple and inexpensive. The kits are available with wedge or bullet style cameras and dome cameras are available separately. Wifi wedge cameras have recently been added to the product line, available separately
  • HD-TVI systems are perfect for upgrading existing analog systems. Utilizing existing Coax and power wiring, old low resolution cameras can be upgraded to HD easily and inexpensively. These kits come with bullet style cameras from 720p to 1080p HD resolution. HD-TVI is fine for a new installation as well, but the additional power supplies and more expensive wiring and labor tend to add up and make the IP solution a better value overall.
  • We also offer stand-alone single camera solutions. These are wedge IP cameras that record either on an onboard SD card or local NAS drive. Using a pc or mobile device, you can view your camera live or recorded without a recorder. We suggest this for 1 or 2 cameras only. Storage is limited on an SD card and the lifespan of these cards is shorter than a hard drive solution. But we install many of these solutions due to the high quality, simplicity and low overall price of the solution.
  • Interlogix is a UTC company and has proven longevity in the CCTV industry. With exceptional quality equipment, tech support, warranty and customer service, Leading Edge is a proud provider of their equipment.
  • IP systems for larger or more specialized installations are available from Toshiba Security and Axis Communications.

We find some cloud solutions are worthwhile such as the new Wifi Doorbell Cameras from These allow remote access to see and communicate with anyone at your door whether you are home, at the store or on vacation. As long as you have internet for your mobile device, you are always connected with your home. With the utilization of Z-wave locks and doorknobs or remote garage door openers it is possible to remotely open your property and allow access which adds convenience and security as you can verify and record the identity of the person requesting access. Solutions such as this do require monthly fees that provide mobile apps, remote access and recording space.

WiFi enabled doorbell camera 8


All solutions have mobile apps, secure web connectivity and free software. Remote video requires a reliable internet connection with a minimum of 4Mbps upload speed. Most providers offer this minimum speed but unfortunately we have found satellite internet do not provide the required speeds for remote connectivity. Clients with this limitation can still have high quality local connectivity with mobile apps and software. There are ways to work around these limitations but are custom applications that must be implemented on an individual basis.