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Protecting what’s Yours

With an estimated home broken into every 15 seconds in the United States, home burglary protection is imperative. It’s when you become complacent and comfortable in the false hope that kind of thing doesn’t happen in your neighborhood.

Securing your home doesn’t always necessarily mean having a pricey security system installed. Fortifying what security you do have in place with a few simple steps goes a long way in deterring break-ins. And discouraging a break-in is a game of stamina; the steps should combine in many layers to exhaust the perpetrator, forcing them to give up and walk away.

The first line of defense may seem a little obvious, but locking your doors is easiest way to prevent unwanted entry. Burglars are like all people in that they choose the path of least resistance, and opening a door is much less resistant than smashing out a window. And used to lock your points of entry should be visible locks with rated strength.

In addition to strong locks, it helps to have strong, thick doors installed. This is because locks are only as strong as the doors on which they are installed. Thick enough doors will also make it impossible for thieves to kick them in. Hidden bracing in the doorframe and floor locks are also extremely helpful in combing for the strongest combination for protecting your home.

Though every cat burglar is familiar with motion-activated floodlights, they consistently work to scare off sneaks in the dark. And the wider the viewing area you take into consideration upon installation, the more ground the lighting can cover for subsequent more effectiveness. And finally, perhaps the most effective of deterring burglary, is installing a home alarm system. Not only do the loud noises startle burglars and send them running back to where they came from, but they also notify 911 simultaneously.