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Leading Edge offers the latest proven technology with the best services.

We have tried many systems and have found the most reliable and usable systems for the average installation. Home or business, we have the best system for your needs.

The 2GIG wireless alarm system paired with Alarm.com Remote Services is the best simple residential and small business solution. Beyond security the solution provides you with a way to feel relaxed and assured your home or business is safe and secure. With notifications direct to your smartphone or email, you can know if a door was opened, left open, or forced open, even if the panel is not armed!



Here is our list of cool factors:

geo enabled alarm systems

Geo-services enabled Mobile App – besides controlling your system, your Alarm.com phone app with Geo-services enabled allows you to get a notification that you left your house without arming the alarm. If it’s a push notification, you can hit launch and arm within seconds.
Sensor Left Open Notifications


Door Open / Left Open Notification – If a door or window is opened or left open anytime or during certain times for a preset amount of time you can be notified.




Image Sensor Image page


Image Sensor – a motion detector with a still camera built in can take pictures and send them to you. When the system is armed or disarmed on schedules you set up. Motion triggered or remotely triggered from your web account or app.



Ipad Locks

                                                      iphone garage door







Door Lock and Garage Door Integration – Using zwave enabled Kwikset or Yale door locks you can lock or unlock them remotely as well as see what their status is. And you can lock the doors when you arm or arm when you lock. Similar options with the Liftmaster MyQ garage door controller kits. Very cool and convenient! How about add a notification of a certain code use or tamper!



Energy Management – You can control and view your thermostat settings and temp as well as control lights to conserve energy as well as make your home look occupied when you are away.



Cellular Connection – The included cellular connection is all you need to use the remote features of the system. All cell charges are included in the remote service plan and no WiFi or phone line is needed. This makes it ultra reliable and safe from lines being cut or damaged. The panel is pinged several times a day as well, so you know it’s always working.

M1KPNAV       Elk M1 Gold Kit

While the 2GIG with alarm.com service is pretty cool, sometimes a more extensive and larger system is needed. The ELK M1 Systems have proven to be reliable as well as usable. Remote service apps and full monitoring are available. The ELK M1 can serve a larger facility or residence and provide more flexible system rules and controls. It integrates with many 3rd party devices like locks, thermostats, lights and output as well as many automation systems and audio systems.

Monitoring Services provide 24 hr protection so you know your home or business is safe.

Most insurance providers give discounts for having monitored alarm services. Leading Edge uses Quick Response as our monitoring provider. Based in Cleveland, they are a national company with UL approved equipment and services.

When you purchase a 2GIG system with remote services you are a subscriber of Alarm.com. They provide a website that connects to your system via the cellular carrier for your system’s cell module. In the event of an alarm, Alarm.com forwards the events to Quick Response. Quick Response and Alarm.com are not affiliated in any way. They are both 3rd party services billed to you by Leading Edge.

Typically landline systems are $18.50 – $20 per month depending on your options. Cellular systems start at $25 and $30 for remote services. Add-ons are extra depending on what you need. It is possible to self monitor your system through Alarm.com notifications, but your insurance provider will likely not give you discounts for that.

When your system is monitored the system communicates with an alarm receiver. The receiver has software that alarts the monitoring service operator of the alarm. The operator is instantly shown your file and calls the first contact number which is normally your home, cell or business. If you do not answer or provide your password they call your local emergency dispatcher to dispatch the proper authorities.

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Depending on your needs, Leading Edge has your solution!