Is Social Media Putting Your Personal Security at Risk? [Infographic]

Social media platforms have played a huge role in society within the last few years, as most people partake in some form of social media. Social sites, that were created to help friends and family stay connected with one another, have taken on even more important roles in many people’s daily lives. Posts and comments that tell others our likes, dislikes, where we are, and where we’re going, are crowding many of the most popular social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others. However, there can be downfalls to the social media extravaganza.  For example, can sharing too much information about our personal lives be dangerous to our personal security?

Burglary and home invasions are terrifying thoughts for everyone. Whether you live alone, or with your family, the thought of an intruder entering your home while you’re at home, work, or enjoying time out, is one of the most violating feelings that many will experience. Home should feel like a safe and secure haven, where you and your loved ones are safe and protected.

Many who are active on social media sites, forget that information can travel far and wide on the internet; and predators will use any tool possible to gain the personal information they need to take advantage of these situations. According to a survey of 50 ex burglars in the UK, social media activity is a big help to those criminals seeking to invade or burglarize your home.

Recent research shows that in 2010, more homes were burglarized during the daytime than at night. Most people are at work, school, or other outings, during the day. These activities are posted on popular social media sites and are helping to make life easier for criminals. Many posters will also map exactly where they are, so that burglars are also aware of how far you are away from home.

The average home dweller loses over $2,000 worth of valuables after being burglarized, and statistics show that there is more loss during a daytime burglary than there is at night. Because the burglar has studied your schedule and your whereabouts, they tend to feel more comfortable roaming through your home. At night, there is always the danger of awakening a family member, and this causes more trouble than these criminals are seeking.

If you or other family members are active on social media sites, be cautious about what you may be reporting through your posts and comments, to career criminals. Curb your habit of always tweeting or posting your location. This practice can cause even more problems than home invasions and burglaries may cause, because you may also be putting your personal safety at risk.

Social media sites serve many great purposes; honest strangers meet other honest strangers and become friends, long lost friends and school mates reunite, and like-minded people come together. However, as with any social platform, users must be careful to not reveal too much personal information.

Have fun, but beware of those who use these sites to take full advantage of your openness.
To learn more about this issue, please check out the infographic below.
Social Media Safety Infographic Provided By

Social Media Infographic Provided by

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