Top Advances in Home Security Technology

In recent years, there has been significant advances to home security technology. From motion detectors in the early 1980’s to non-stop security video streaming to your smartphone, the evolution continues. The top advances over recent months continue to set the bar higher for what’s next in the home security industry. Wireless motion detecting systems. These… Continue Reading

Signs Your Home Isn’t Secure

Even if you have taken steps to secure your home from burglars, it may not actually be as tightly locked down as you think it is. There are a few easy and simple mistakes that countless homeowners make every year, leading to break-ins that could have otherwise been prevented. Don’t make the following mistakes and… Continue Reading

Protecting what’s Yours

With an estimated home broken into every 15 seconds in the United States, home burglary protection is imperative. It’s when you become complacent and comfortable in the false hope that kind of thing doesn’t happen in your neighborhood.   Securing your home doesn’t always necessarily mean having a pricey security system installed. Fortifying what security… Continue Reading